Sunday, November 21, 2010

hey ;)

well,its been a while since i had my last post,ive been busy with my medical adapting to this new life in egypt.its been great:)
now im into this thingy called ,yeah im updating my tumblr daily insyaallah.
u can check mine out:

sorry cause am not blogging for the moment.
thanks for the support though
take care

Sunday, October 10, 2010

when FAITH met HONESTY,she said that everything is gonna be okay,later,she found TRUST,she told her the same thing too,,trust had no idea what she was talking .then came LOVE,faith told her exactly what she told the other two.three of them then later asked faith,,and what makes you think that everythings gonna be okay?
she said.its because of YOU:)

Friday, September 17, 2010

the truth

The sweetest and the most meaningful songs are those which speak of our saddest thoughts and moment.

the best moment

it wont be the last,it wont be the last

cause it'll keep on going,I will keep on going

till the last day im living:)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

black and white

im into black and white photos just like im into you X)
so ive decided to take more photos like this for the time to come

hello nikon,accompany me wherever i go..since i promised to bring YOU everywhere:)

countdown to greatness

tick tock,tick tock,tick tock
(i know someone hates this countdown:P)

four more days to depart.
the feeling to leave ur family and friends and the close ones,ergh!!its complicated.
thank god they have this thing called videocalling and handphones.haha
i know i should be like very excited kan?
im weird,org lain punya lah dah pack and semangat-ed,and i havent choose my luggage yet.haha.
last minute packing is sooo my thingy:)
*taking a deep breath,..

even the wind is blowing,we'll never fall,just keep on going:)

Monday, August 30, 2010


well,here goes nothing,

im driviiiiing,can u believe that??
i know,its sooooo anoying for me to handle those cludges,brakes and all,
better take a cab or a bus
thursday ,,d-day,,jpj test.
gosshh,wish me luck yeah!!
ill drive u all around when i get my license.haha
*i hope im getting the license before im off to egypt,pleaseeee mr.jpj XD
*heartbeating like hell=.=