Monday, April 26, 2010


From the 23rd till 25th,held in Muar,Johor,the Johor Bahru rugby team travelled to compete in this year's Majlis Sukan Sekolah Negeri Johor Championhips.The team took off around 8.30 am ,Friday.

The team had to face Pontian in their first match.Most of the players played against Pontian during their encounter in the MRSM Pontian Open in 2008,so it should be no problem for the them.Upon arrival,the team then prepared for the match and Ahpai lead the team well.Team Johor Bahru defeated team Pontian by was a well played game as the players were fit and
fresh The next day,JBfought well against Ledang,a group which is well known for strong forwards,the whole team played a major part in trashing Ledang 63-0.they played just one game that day and later that night managed to spent some time together in the city of Muar.

Sunday,25th of April was the last day of the anual event.The semi final was between Batu Pahat and Johor Bahru.The other semi was between Kluang and Pengerang.A tough one for them.JB controlled the ball most of the time on the field.Coach,MR. Piza encouranged them to stay strong.Luckily they fought well and overcome batu pahat 22-0

MR Piza gave a qucik briefing before the final game.all the players looked a bit tight up and ready.PENGERANG VS JOHOR BAHRU.During the early part of the game,JB controlled the ball and had two close chances but blew it as pengerang got a turn over.Pengerang overcame jb's linebacks and scored the first try.Minutes later jb took charge and leveled the points 7 all.
Pengerang then again scored another controversial try and took the lead.JB then were forced to perform many setpieceses and managed to score a try late in the game.As the clock ticks by,jb had a handful of chances but were dissapointed by the refereree.It was just not lucky for the team as the referee gave a penalty and Pengerang took a LATE LATE kick at goal during the dying minutes of the game.As we all watched the ball float up in the air,the referee then blew the final whislte.JB's hearts were torn to pieces as they lost to a team which barely had their names written on the trophy.Pengerang defeated jb by 15-12
2nd-Johor Bahru
4th-Batu Pahat
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