Friday, April 30, 2010


2009 released movie originally written by larry doyle starring paul rust and the high-profile hayden panettiere,I LOVE YOU,BETH COOPER is another movie to be added up in ur list.Here is the review:)

It all came to happen when Denis Cooverman(Paul Rust) made an unexpected yet spontanious speech on their graduation day.Denis ,who was the nerd in the house confessed his love towards Beth Cooper(Hayden Panettiere) which he kept for about 6 years including during classes where he sat behing her all the time.The ceremonial event turn out badly when he overshadowed some of his collegeues and even called his bestfriend 'gay'.Kevin,a young 'millitary-bodied' guy who claims to be Beth's boyfriend later knocks denis out due to extreme humiliation but tthe mishap happened right after the event.
Denis invited Beth and her two bestfriends(Treece and Cammy) to his house for a little gathering.It turned out to be that his parents were out.Beth came hoping it was a great bash but yeah,as imagined,they were the only ones attended.His boyfriend then came crashing Denis's house and this is the part where they chase around until beth had to save both denis and rich Muncsh(Denis's besfriend as i mentioned earlier).Throughout the movie,Beth,Denis,Rich,Cammy and Treece acted like nomads being chased by Kevin and his two 'human cyborgs'.As they adventured,beth realised that Denis wasn't a typical guy just like his EX.Eventhough Denis got beaten up by Kevin big time,he managed to win Beth's heart as he displayed some funny yet carring values for her.Denis then wished he could meet beth during their reunion again sometime.It was a sweet ending as they all went their separate ways knowing MAYBE Denis will meet Beth again:D
A sweet and hilarious movie to watch.Surely keep u laughing.HAHA:D