Thursday, August 19, 2010

something to remember

This is it,its time for me to go.
(i know i should write this like a week ago kan)
sorry xsempat:P
you guys have been really great ,,
really really great
im gonna miss you all,(i once cried to leave u all,xtipu:P)
thanks for our last picture together,
thanks for accepting who i am,
and THANKS for being great classmates
no more having my favourite 1hour maths class on weds
no more berebut-ing kipas in chemistry class
no more ponteng-ing maths class
no more signing attendance sheet:P
no more doing lab together,
no more arab classes,(should've wait for the speaker's corner).lol
no more betting with you saliha unal(grr gonna miss youu budak kecik XD)
no more waking up late and masuk through the back door time maths
no more laughter together with all of u
no more kena bahan ngan korang(amir,luqman,fath,syamir)
no more in class with u nisa(smart girl),lol
no more old town on tuesdays(coke float)
no more futsaling with u guys(the boys particularly)
no more being belanja-ed by nadia and adia(kesian korang)
no more ping pong with u luqman,(man,try reading the post sambil dgr 'another you' by cromok)
no more storytime with u fath(miss hanging out together every nite),
no more rejecting u syamir(sorry for everyhting)
p/s-amir,ingat,kita intern kat hkl or ppum together okay:P
theres is one thing that we still can have,US.haha
i'll miss all of this
well at least promise me one thing
we are friends.
we have been,and will always
deepest apology if my words hurts ur feelings,
thats me,spitting out nonsense each time:P
and sorry for being such a clown in class
i didnt had the chance to know u guys better,
and yet , i love u guys already.
i wish u all the best for ur next semester,
jgn fail exam like i did back there,:P
and seriously,mcm mane korang boleh jadi pandai sgt nih*jealous btol
maybe one day,we will meet again:)
do buzz me up anytime u want.ill be there.u know where to find me.
take care,
ouh ouh,,do tell me when u guys are graduating.maybe id love to come and say hye:)
for the meantime,this is the only thing i could come up with.insyaallah more to come.sorry
okay then,i got to go..dont ever forget me though;P
ex-classmate cfs iium petaling jaya 2010 semester 1
-naufal noordeen