Saturday, August 21, 2010

tale of a thousand cries

A piece from a best friend's memoir.i feel sorry for you dude and im sorry i had to publish this.i really do.i hope ur gonna be okay and remember ALLAH will always guide you.take a good care of urself and dont let this affect ur exam.
listen to what his heart cried-

'please don't go,
i really don't want you to leave me,
all i did was care,
i wanted you to be happy,
i wanted to care for something that i really do,
and yet you left me humiliated,
eventhough so,
i still have my faith in you,
have always been.
ill keep it as long as i can,
but are u just gonna end it like that?
im really sorry if my actions discomforts you.
u needed time,
i gave u space,
i did everything i could just to see you smile,
i wished you could have notice that.
i kept on waiting
hoping that maybe one day u would pick me
but seing you reacting in that kind of way,
makes me realize that im the only one grasping for air
i wished you wouldve understand how my feelings towards you really is,
if only u had given me a chance
i swear ill never let you down
now its too late,
im afraid,
i dont want to walk away,
but if i wait,im afraid i might suffocate,
ill keep on praying though
that one day,
i could see you smile again,
ur a great one,
and i did everything,
im sorry
thanks for being a good friend.'